BFM Europe

BFM Europe

Here at The Fireplace Studio Brighouse, we are proud to stock some of the most impressive brands throughout the UK and Europe. We take great pride in ensuring we work with brands who provide only the highest quality fires and fireplaces, and this is why we have chosen to work closely with BFM Europe

BFM Europe is based in Stoke-on-Trent and is a leading manufacturer in both gas and electric fires. Known for being one of the fastest growing fire manufacturers in the whole of the country, they stand out due to their impressive reputation and quality of products. All of their fires and stoves are designed and manufactured in their Staffordshire based facility which boasts the highest levels of technology. We appreciate their constant development and ability to produce innovative products that really do push the boundaries of modern day technology.

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BFM Europe LTD actually designs and manufactures all of their products under eight separate consumer brands.  Here at The Fireplace Studio Brighouse, we are proud to supply seven of their brands.  These include:

The Collection by Michael Miller

Describing each product from their range as a work of art, The Collection by Michael Miller is proud to offer a 25 year guarantee on all of their products.  This is to ensure the customer feels fully confident with their purchase and highlights their commitment to high quality products, safety standards and overall performance over the years.

Verine Fires

Sophisticated, elegant and designed to perfection.  Verine Fires has been producing fires and fireplaces for over 45 years and are proud to deliver elegance and innovation to the market.  Here at The Fireplace Studio Brighouse, we are humbled knowing that we are one of their few specially appointed retailers.


Kinder specialise in gas fires and fireplaces and have a huge range to suit every customer’s needs.  Renowned for producing some of the most efficient fires on the market, Kinder even offer a special high efficiency range which specialises in providing lower running costs.  Kinder gas fires are extremely safe, with every product boasting a flame supervision device to detect the presence and absence of a flame.


With a reputation as being one of the industry’s main influencers, Flavel have been running since the seventeenth century.  Originally a manufacturer of gunpowder, Flavel went on to become a leading manufacturer of both fires and fireplaces.  With continual investment in technology, Flavel have gone from strength to strength and produce stunningly beautiful pieces.  They really do set the bar extremely high in terms of industry standards.


Celsi fires differentiate themselves by offering the most cutting edge technology whilst providing a stunning collection overall.  Their specialist electric fires boast one of the most convincing real fire effects, whilst combining both beauty and style.  Offering two different ranges, Puraflame and Accent, this brand offers the latest LCD cutting edge technology.

Global Fires

With the aim to provide a stylish and relaxing living environment, global have successfully produced a range of versatile yet affordable gas fires. As well as this, Global Fires are proud to offer a ten year guarantee on all of their products, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Described as versatile and affordable gas fires to compliment all lifestyles and tastes, Kohlangaz design each product to compliment any taste and lifestyle.  As well as this they provide Innovative designs, high levels of technology and exceptional quality manufacturing standards.  Again, Kohlangaz are very particular about who they choose to retail their products, and here at The Fireplace Studio Brighouse, we are proud to be one of them.

As well as these amazing brands from BFM Europe, we are also proud to offer a huge selection of the Dutch manufacturer Bellfires. These are incredibly stylish, efficient and most importantly stunning. We also offer a wide range of Elgin and Hall designs, which boast exceptional build quality and incredible reliability. If you’d like to view our ranges of BFM Europe fire and more, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team today.

Our team are experienced and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.


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