Here at the fireplace studio, we are proud of our partnership with leading UK manufacturer of quality gas fires: Kinder Fires. The Kinder gas fires range is stylish and innovative, providing warmth and comfort to the room. Here we look at exactly why we have partnered with Kinder gas fires and what makes their fires a great addition to any home.

kinder gas fires range hole in the wallHigh-efficiency Kinder gas fires

Through research and development, Kinder has developed energy-saving gas fires to keep costs low. Therefore the Kinder gas fires range has some of the most efficient fires on the market. The Kinder HE high-efficiency range has set new industry standards for exceptional heat output combined with lower running costs in comparison to traditional gas fires.

Appealing design

Whatever design you choose for your home there will be a Kinder gas fire to suit. Kinder designs are both traditional and contemporary with excellent attention to detail. The Kinder gas fires range is available in a wide variety of trims, frets and fascias to suit any colour scheme.

Safe and efficient

kinder gas fires range oasis

All Kinder gas fires feature a Flame Supervision Device (FSD) and all conventional flue models feature an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) for maximum safety. The FSD is a device that detects the presence of a flame, and in the absence of that flame prevents uncontrolled release of gas to the burner. In the unlikely event of a fault, the ODS is a device which shuts off the gas supply to the main burner. Kinder gas fires are also built to last, all of their fires come with a 15-year guarantee.

Have a look at some of the Kinder gas fires we stock online or pop into our showroom on Huddersfield Road, Brighouse to see the fires on display.