Bellfires have been creating top quality fires since 1928. The Dutch manufacturer is well known for efficiency and sustainability and is a market leader in innovation and design.

Manufactured in Benelux in Holland, Bellfires endeavours to control the quality of their products by on-going investment and training in their localised staff, thus they are able to maintain the skills and craftsmanship that is necessary for a forward thinking innovative company.

Barbas Bellfires

Barbas stands for durable and ecological reliability. Established in 1976, it is the brand for wood-burning fireplaces. Barbas have their own R&D department where they carry out non-stop research into improvements. By now, their fireplaces are equipped with ideal combustion chambers in order to burn the wood as efficiently as possible. No loss of heat and no harmful particulates that flutter to the outside with the smoke. Their products are made with top-quality and stylish materials, such as concrete, steel and ceramic.

Crafted to wonder

Barbas Bellfires new range of fires and fireplaces are truly stunning. Stare into the flames and let your thoughts drift off. Enjoy the best possible fire experience that comes from our innovative gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

barbas bellfires


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