If you’re looking to revamp your fireplace or install a new one, you might be comparing styles and designs to find the best fit for you. Of course, it will all depend on the space you have available but in this blog we look at different fireplace styles to help you make the best choice.

inglenook fireplace styleInglenooks

An Inglenook fireplace allows you to choose from a wide variety of fires like a traditional open grate or stove. An inglenook fireplace can be tailored to suit the style of your room. Our Inglenook Picker allows you to mix and match styles so you can imagine what your new fire will look like.

Whether you are restoring an old chimney or having a new fireplace built, it is always important to adhere to modern building regulations and ensure your chimney is performing correctly.

When discussing the possibility of installing inglenook fires or wood burning open fires, The Fireplace Studio can advise whether or not your fireplace meets the necessary standards and make recommendations as to any additional work you may need to undergo before you can complete your perfect room with the perfect fire.

Hole in the wall fireplace styleHole in the wall fires

Make a bold statement with a hole in the wall fire. They are modern and contemporary and have many benefits. Installing a hole in the wall fire will save floor space and can fit into both large and relatively small spaces. There is something to suit everyone with many size options and fire options plus, hole in the wall fires are safe as well as visually appealing.

There are so many different style options when it comes to hole in the wall fires, it really does pay to do your research and make sure it’s the right option for you. Most modern fires now come with a remote control to make it even easier to warm your room without moving from your favourite spot!

You also have the option to build a false chimney breast to accommodate your hole in the wall fire. This will transform the room whilst making it a warm and inviting space. Have a look at some of our hole in the wall fire installations for inspiration.

Victorian Fireplace StyleVictorian Style Fireplace

We all want a fireplace to look good the house it’s in so many opt for a Victorian style fireplace to go with a period property or to stand out in a contemporary home. Reintroduction of the traditional fireplace has become increasingly popular in UK homes and a Victorian style fireplace is classy and stunning. A Victorian style fireplace is the best choice if you’re going for traditional decor. The Victorians loved to use intense colours such as forest greens and ruby reds, so don’t be afraid to pair a Victorian fireplace with bold colours. View our Victorian style fireplace installations, hopefully, it will give you some new ideas!

If you’re still can’t make your mind up as to which fireplace is best for you, visit our showroom, we have all sorts of fireplaces on display to get your creative juices flowing.