Electric Fires Halifax

Electric Fires Halifax

electric fires halifax
Here at the Fireplace Studio we have an extensive range of premium electric fires Halifax on display from all the leading brand manufacturers. The electric market has moved on perhaps faster than any other sector of the fireplace industry and many of our suppliers have invested in new technology to create some amazing innovative designs.

One of our main suppliers is “Celsi” which is a branded product of the BFM Europe Group and we are proud to be one of their main stockists in the North of England. A Celsi electric fire will be the heart of your home all year round. Every fire in the range has a “flame picture” only setting which allows the customers to enjoy an atmospheric glow even when it’s too warm to turn on the heat.

All of these appliances come with a 2 year guarantee.

We are also very proud to be one of “Dimplex” main stockist who is the largest manufacturer of electric fires in the UK. As with all electric fires the installation of these products is easy and has none of the constraints associated with flue and gas connections and there’s no need for annual servicing. You simply plug in and go!

Dimplex have a variety of flame effects in their range and all of these can be viewed in our extensive showroom.

The Opti-V fire is a virtual fireplace experience like no other. A perfect blend of magic and realism as it utilises the latest high definition technology to create flames and sparks in a three dimensional LED picture. With the addition of an audio element of cracking logs the illusion of a real fire is complete. The Opti-V is the most unbelievable flame effect yet.

Optiflame fires is the standard range of contemporary and traditional fires using the original and worlds best selling electric flame effect. These fires create the illusion of flames emanating from the centre of the fuel bed to provide a realistic glow that can be enjoyed throughout the whole year.

Opti-myst fires are a stunning of wall and hearth fires that surpass all expectations for realism in electric fires Halifax. These fires look deceptively real and captivate customers as soon as they see them. The full 3 dimensional effect uses established ultrasonic technology to create an ultra fine water mist. As the mist rises up through the coals and logs, the light reflects against the water creating a convincing illusion of flames and smoke. The result is an authentic appearance so authentic it will be mistaken for true flames and smoke.

Also on display in the showroom are fires from “Evonic” who have a vast range of low energy LED fires that have won many national awards for their creativity, design and realistic “Evoflame” effect. All fires have optional multi functional remote control systems so you can operate the fires from the comfort of your armchair.

Choices range from chic wall mounted “hang on the wall” fires to classically designed hearth mounted models and the flame effects are so realistic that many customers find it difficult to differentiate between gas and electric.

Finally, we supply the “Valor” range of fires which includes the world renowned “Dimensions” collection. These fires capture the realistic coal effect behind glass and are based on a 3D optical effect that is totally unique to these fires. You find numerous displays in our showroom to fully appreciate just how realistic these electric fires Halifax look.

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