Contemporary, by definition, means modern, present-day or current and is therefore very subjective. As fashions come and go it is often said there is nothing new in this world – only reinventions of the wheel: What is modern to one person is old or retro to the next. Also, as time passes trends change.

As we approach the 20s, Contemporary Fireplaces would generally be considered to be of simplistic design incorporating low sleek clean lines. Some contemporary  fire designs, particularly in the electric arena,  lean toward the abstract and may tend to incorporate abstract flame effects with varying colours and or sound effects. Modern trends in the gas arena tend to have moved away from the more traditional fire and surround and very positively into the more minimalistic hole in the wall style.

Subjectivity brings to mind individualism and, here at the Fireplace Studio in Brighouse, we pride ourselves on our specialist design services bringing together both old and new to create a dream. Every dream is as individual as you are and so we endeavour to make your dream reality.

Whatever your individual take on Contemporary (no one else’s really matters) the Fireplace Studio in Brighouse invites you to spend time meandering our extensive showrooms and chatting with our experienced staff who are here to interpret your imagination and help you build your very personal and individual ‘contemporary’.